New line of single-use medical devices for the veterinary sector.


The strong growth of the veterinary sector has driven HMC PREMEDICAL S.p.A. to create a new line of products dedicated to the veterinary sector.

Particularly interesting are the devices specifically designed for Equines, like, Set for Infusion 2-4 Spikes to administer high quantities of liquids; Ophtalmic Tear Duct Catheter; Set for Uterine Washing (flushing), to reduce the risks of post-partum infections in mares.

Infusion and Transfusion Sets are also available for pets, adult and pediatric.

Closed-circuit sets are available for the administration of antiblastic drugs, to be used in oncology.

With the aim of innovating and improving the performances in the world of veterinary medical devices, HMC considers as fundamental the collaboration with any partner in need to develop tailor-made projects.