Injection moulding

The machinery allows a massive production, which is very flexible and versatile at the same time, thanks to a total coverage by type of material and machine tonnage.

Production area: clean room 2500 m2 ISO 8

  • Number 50 injection machines
  • Tonnage from 35 up to 380 (tons)
  • Full electric, hydraulic and hybrid machines
  • Small tonnage machines for prototypes
  • Direct interface to the management system
  • 2 bridge cranes for the overhead handling of the moulds
  • Robotic equipment for the unloading of parts and sprues
  • Centralised vacuum system for the feeding of granules outside the department
  • Sprue unloading and granulation outside the department
  • Automatic handling of the product to be packaged
  • Quality controls through OGP machines


High technical specialisation in producing all types of tubes, mixing hundreds of different configurations between diameters and materials to satisfy the market.

Production area: clean room 600m2 ISO 8

  • 7 extrusion lines
  • 6 side co-extruders for grooves, double and multilayer pipes
  • Screw diameter between 23 and 75 (mm)
  • Automatic cutters and winders
  • Measurement and testing instruments (profile projectors and digital microscopes, dynamometers, durometers)

Manual and automatic assemblies

It is the key element of the production chain. Thanks to the equipment available, this service allows you to assemble and package any customised product consisting of tubes, components and bags.


  • Number 100 workstations for manual assembly
  • Number 12 automatic machines for component assembly
  • Number 6 plastic thermoforming machines for packaging
  • Automatic tube winding machines
  • Ultrasound machine
  • Screen printing machine
  • Pad printing machine