ENFit Enteral nutrition

Medicina syringe feeding system

The nasogastric Medicina nutrition trays have all the physical characteristics necessary for the administration of drugs, wash water and nutrients

The worldwide introduction of the new ENFit connector will reduce the risk of enteral feeding tube misconnections and improve patient safety throughout hospitals and around the globe.

Feeding tubes for nasogastric nutrition and related accessories

Medicina has a wide range of nasogastric and nasojejunal feeding tubes for different categories of patients, from newborns to adults, in hospitals and at home.

The range includes feeding tubes for all categories of patients, from newborns of 400 grams to adults of robust build, both for short and prolonged periods.

Fully compliant with the NPSA

All nasogastric and nasojejunal medicine tubes comply with the indications in the National Agency for Patient Safety Agency of the United Kingdom (NPSA) regarding the physical characteristics of the tubes for feeding, washing and drugs administrations.

The New ENFit ISo Standard range of enteral syringes has been developed to deliver enteral feeds, medicines and flushes safely to neonatal, pediatric and adult patiens