CystoFlow Bladder Washing

An innovative solution for bladder washing

CystoFlow is the innovative medical device that allows an easier management of the cystoclysis and manual wash-out procedures in presence of macro hematuria; furthermore, it reduces risk factors and costs related to operations and consumables.

The main features of the device and improvements over the standard protocol are:

  • Closed circuit system both during clysis and manual wash-out;
  • Easy to use, can be handled by a single operator;
  • Five connection ports allow to connect all lines and accessories at once;
  • No disconnection necessary to switch from continuous bladder irrigation to catheter wash-out;
  • Safe and clean, reduces external contamination;
  • Improves patient compliance and reduces significantly the incovenience normally associated with the wash-out procedure, i.e. the accidental leak of blood or urine that may come into contact with the patient or bed sheets;
  • Reduces procedural and material costs;
  • Drastically reduces cost related to production and management of special hospital waste.


Position 0 (Cystoclysis).

Continuous bladder irrigation through the 3-way catheter; the syringe port and the irrigation port towards the device are momentarily closed.



First phase of manual wash-out. Prime the syringe with saline solution; Way 1 bladder drain port
and urine bag port are momentarily closed.


Position 2.

Low pressure catheter wash-out; the syringe is directly connected to the 3-ways catheter, while the irrigation port and the urine bag port are momentarly closed.


Position 3.

Drainage of wash-out fluid; the waste fluid is drained from the syringe into the urine bag,while bladder drain port and irrigation port are momentarly locked.

CystoFlow: an innovative solution for bladder washing